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The Portage Pop Warner Football Program was developed to teach player from age 5 up to 13 the fundamentals of playing football as an organized sport. We are committed to offering and maintaining a SAFE and STRUCTURED environment for the ongoing teaching of these activities. It is our programs intention to prepare the players for their future Middle School and High School programs if they so choose to move forward with their football ambitions.
Preparing for Pop Warner Football
Congratulations on joining Portage Pop Warner Football.

Pop Warner is a one of a kind organization which will provide your child with an experience of a life time along with memories that will last forever. It is the only organization nationwide that requires a passing GPA before your child takes the field. Try to avoid taking vacations in August the first 4 weeks of practice is critical to him and his team. Another thing about football is we practice and play in the Rain. (Please watch the weather, if there is lighting in the forecast be prepared to stay at practice, It could end quickly and unexpectedly). The success of your child’s season can depend on several reasons. First make sure your child wants to play football just because he beats up his older brother all the time does not necessarily make him a great football player. Do Not Force him to play!!!! Football is a team sport and the success of a team depends on a individual players ability to act as a team mate. Coaches put a lot of time and effort into a team however As a Parent there is a ton of things we can do to help our child have a fun and successful football season.

1) Always encourage good sportsmanship and TEAMWORK Positive reinforcement is key.
2) Practices are hard. Kids often do not want to attend Practices because they are sore or “sick” attendance is very important Please get him to practice (parents know their child & also know when they may be exaggerating). Don’t let them fool you.
3) Boil their mouthpiece there are simple instructions on the packaging.
4) Prepare them for practice make sure they have all their equipment as well as water or something to drink they will be sweating a lot and will need to be hydrated.
5) Please do not let them eat a large meal before practice a snack or some fruit is great until after practice.
6) Please use the restroom before practice!!!
7) DON’T wait until August 1st to start training. Start encouraging him to exercising now there are so many little exercises that your child can do to make the first 3 weeks of practice much more enjoyable. Set goals for him. Always remember to stretch before exercising Here are some suggestions for you:
a) Pushups & sit ups ( you can never go wrong with these )
b) Jumping jacks
c) Short sprints (10 -15 yard sprints and do about 10 of them )
d) Wall squats (with his back on the wall squat until his knees are at 90 degrees & back up.
e) Any form of cardio is a huge benefit to a football player (hiking, biking, running, swimming, jumping rope).
Remember weather its 1 day or 7 days a week every bit helps and will be a contributing factor to your child’s success on becoming a great football player!!!! GOOD LUCK & HAVE A GREAT SEASON.

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